Local Story, Local Video, No Problem

“Good stories don’t just assume relevancy; they prove it.” So says the folks at American Press Institute. The rationale being that readers and viewers only take the time to consume stories that show they have personal importance or impact their immediate community.

It’s not a secret that digital media companies are fighting it out for readers, viewers (eyeballs!), as the market has become more fragmented and consumers look to social and mobile. At the same time, video has emerged as a driving force — a means by which newspapers and their digital counterparts can capture their audience and give them that context, that authenticity — that makes them feel the story is indeed personal and impacts their community.

Whether it’s to support the article, enhance it, or provide more emotional value, video is a key component for any newspaper’s strategy.

But getting that perfect video for every local text-based article is one thing, doing it is another.

Let’s face it — local is hard. Local video may seem loco. What newsroom has the time or money to run around getting video for everything?

The struggle is real, and while video syndication platforms have done a good job providing national and international coverage, they too don’t have the ability to get granular.

That’s where Stringr comes in.

Stringr is solving this with its on-request platform of over 75k videographers across the country who are ready anytime, anywhere to capture the video you want. Get breaking news, b-roll footage. Conduct on-camera interviews, cover events. Dig in and get visuals for your in-depth storytelling and creative advertising. Stream live.

Stringr has got you covered, with videographers, curators, editors, producers and more.

Stringr is working with newspapers to help support local journalism, by providing speed and cost efficiency.

Bottom line. You write the story, we’ll bring the camera.

Connect with Stringr at Mega-Conference to discuss how we can bring your local community together.

– Drew Berkowitz


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