Shooting A Solar Eclipse

Stages of Solar Eclipse

Viewers located along the total eclipse path from Salem, Oregon to Charlestown, South Carolina will see three eclipse stages, while the rest of the country will see partial eclipses of different variations.

The solar eclipse will occur in three stages: partial, total, partial.

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 5.25.06 PM

Credit: Imeida Joson and Edwin Aguirre

Solar Filters

To view the eclipse properly without damaging your eyes or camera sensors, you will need solar-viewing glasses or a solar filter for your camera. Note: The glasses and filters are only really needed for the partial eclipse stages because of the suns intensity.

Both solar-glasses and solar filters can be found on Amazon or B&H Photo.

Optics & Stabilization

To capture great footage of the solar eclipse you will want to fill the frame with as much of the sun/moon as you can. That requires either zooming in or having a longer lens on your camera.

You will need to stabilize your shot using a tripod or another solid foundation to avoid shake and other movements, which are multiplied when zoomed in.

Other supplementary shots to get are of people or crowds gathering to view the event, general festivities and reaction interviews to the eclipse.

Camera Settings

Manual Focus: To get the best and most consistent results, you will need to manually focus your shot.

ISO: Set your cameras ISO to 400 or higher. This will allow you to maintain a good shutter speed without adding too much motion blur.

Preparation & Don’t Forget!

Plan your route and shooting location. Scout it out ahead of time. This will allow you to properly execute the day of the eclipse, without having extra steps to think about.

Charge your batteries and make sure your memory cards have been formatted!

Clean your camera lenses and sensor to avoid having spots on your shots.

Check the weather and hope for clear skies!

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