How to: Shooting with Wind

by Kaitlyn Mitchell and James Payne

At Stringr, we always encourage you to utilize the natural sound (also known as nat sound) of the setting you are in. But sometimes that lovely nat sound can include high speed winds that make your Man-On-Street interviews unintelligible.

We’ve outlined the top techniques for coping with wind while shooting below:

  1. Avoid It: If you have an external microphone, position it to face away from the direction of the wind. If you’re shooting with just a smartphone, try to block wind with your back/body. This also applies if you’re doing a SOT interview.


2. Put something on the mic: There are several options when deciding what to cover your mic with:

A windscreen is just an inexpensive black foam microphone cover; however, they aren’t great for shooting in actual wind. Windscreens are better for breathing sounds or soft air movement, (i.e. you’d be better off using these in the great indoors).WSA deadcat is great at killing wind sound, because it is big and fluffy (and aptly named, as it rather resembles a dead kitty cat’s tail). These often slip over the original windscreen. The wind gets absorbed into all of the fluffiness and dampens that horrible sound.


3. Edit it out: Usually we recommend that you submit your raw footage to Stringr; however, if you do have experience using editing programs or apps, this can be an effective way to remove the wind sound from your MOS interview. If you like editing on your smartphone, try apps like MoviePro or FilMic. For traditional video editing, Adobe Premiere is a fantastic desktop program, albeit it takes a considerable amount of time to learn how to use and is pricey.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 11.51.51 PM

But even if your video clips do contain wind, don’t stress! Wind is natural sound, after all; and nat sound is always preferred over hearing the latest Justin Bieber track blasting on your car stereo in the background of your footage.

Just belieb in the power of your raw footage (see what we did there?)… As always, string on, Stringrs!




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