How-To: Compress Files

At Stringr, we love high quality video that makes the deadline. The earlier your submission, the better chance of a download, which leads to money.

However, recording longer video, leads to large raw files which slows down your upload time. To increase upload speed, you will need to compress the video files.

Compressing your video allows you to control variables which can reduce file sizes, while maintaining the original level of quality.

There are many different programs that can compress video files including QuickTime Player and editing programs like Adobe Premiere or Final Cut.

If you have Mov files, the easiest way to compress a video is with QuickTime:

-Simply open the video file and select the output quality you want. Select the same quality as your camera shoots.

-Name the file and choose the new save destination and you are done.

– Compare the original file size to the newly compressed. You should see the difference.

If you are an Adobe Cloud account holder, use the Media Encoder which offers more file options and allows you to compress multiple clips at the same time.

-To begin add your file to the queue by clicking the + sing in the upper left hand corner. From there you can choose a preset to start with or change the setting manually. For presets, either Vimeo 1080p or Youtube will work the best for uploading to Stringr. Simply click “apply preset” in the upper right hand corner.

-To change setting in your file manually, click on the info below the file.

If not done already select H.264 format for all HD footage.

-Make sure that “match source” is selected, to ensure you are not stretching the frame rate or frame size.

-Next set the maximum bit rate between 16 and 20 mbps and the target between 14 and 16 mbps, to keep a data flow.

– Under audio, select AAC and stereo channels to get the best sound. Set this bitrate to 320 kbps.

-Finally check “use maximum render quality” and click “ok”

-Click “output file” to change the name and set the render destination.

– Next click the play button in the upper right hand corner to render the file or files.  You will see the files compressing.

Once these are done, check to make sure they have compressed properly.

Now that you have smaller high quality files, upload them to Stringr and Make sure to add the proper metadata.

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