Stringr Quick Tips: #1

This week Stringr brings you the first edition of quick video tips. These 5 tips have been selected from our archive of How-to videos. To learn more about these tips, check out the full videos linked below.

The first tip and one of the most important, is stabilization. Whether you are shooting hand-held or shooting setup, it is vital to have stable shots. So use a video tripod or the body lock position with your elbows tucked.

Our second tip to getting great video is capturing a variety of different shots. Ideally you should able to shoot a sequence, but if you can’t, move around the scene to get a number of wide, medium and close shots. This really makes footage attractive to customers because it gives them more to work with.

The third tip is audio. Audio is very important. Beautiful footage can be ruined if there is no audio or if the audio is terrible. Using an external microphone is the best way to capture great audio. But if you do not have one, just remember not to cover up the microphone with your finger and to stay away from interfering sounds.

Our fourth tip is preparation. Researching the event and planning shots will save you time and allow you to get more done while on location. Also remember to have your batteries charged and your memory formatted. This will allow you to cover the whole scene with no interruptions.

The fifth and final tip for this week is all about being smooth. It is vital to hold a shot for at least 5 seconds before tilting or panning the camera. Try to avoid any quick movements because shaky or fast footage is almost always unusable. Being smooth helps editors piece together footage for a clean story.

Be sure to check back next week for another video how-to.

#1 – Stabilization:


#2 – Shot Variety:


#3 – Audio:

#4 – Preparation:

#5 – Smooth Movement:

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