Stringr Answered: That’s so Meta!

by Kaitlyn Mitchell

This week, the curation team will address some recurring issues that Stringrs encounter often and how they are easily fixed.

1. Why do I need to tag my videos?

When submitting your video to Stringr, you may wonder what the purpose is of the “Tag” box. After all, you’re not seeking to get over 10,000 followers on Instagram or Twitter, you’re looking to get paid for your footage. But tags, or metadata, are important to our customers, who can search videos by your tags. Search Engine Optimization requires metadata, which is literally data that describes the data itself (we know, that’s so meta!). Make sure to brainstorm as many relevant tags as you can. Remember to separate the tags with commas, but you don’t even have to put spaces in between the commas – the tags will be read the same by the search engine.

Morgan Spurlock tests out Mane ‘N Tail brand shampoo in The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, by taking a bath with a pony. So meta!

2. Why does Stringr prefer horizontally filmed videos?

It’s the standard within the news industry. Horizontal videos simply look much better on our platform, as well as onscreen when broadcast on televised news networks. In very rare cases, our curation team will accept vertically filmed footage from a smartphone, but this is only if what you filmed is a knockout in the newsworthy category, for example police brutality caught on camera or other such dramatic action. But this is extremely rare. Also, make sure your finger isn’t blocking your smartphone’s camera lens – you’d be surprised how often this happens.

3. What should I call my video?

You can call your video whatever most accurately reflects the name of the scene you’re watching, but ALWAYS include the location in the title. Also, keep the title as short as possible, as the full title won’t show if it’s longer than about five short words. Our customers browse Stringr-submitted footage through a page that shows all the videos and their titles only; therefore, your video’s title has to interest the customer enough to click on it. You can even give your video the same title as the footage request that you received on the Stringr app; some good examples include “Rain in Houston,” “Shooting in Queens,” or “The Whitney Museum Exterior.” If your video doesn’t have its location specified in the title, our customer is not likely to click through to view your entire video description.

4. Why does Stringr always request footage with “sound bites included”?

“Include sound bites” is the curation team’s way of letting Stringrs know that they should only use what the news industry calls natural sound, or “nat sound” for short. Hearing the actual sounds that occurred while filming the video makes your footage feel much more realistic to the viewer. Sometimes Stringr’s curation team receives prime footage that is shot steadily, horizontally, and has a nice variety of shots, but, because it has music edited over the natural sound, we cannot promote this video to our customers.

5. Why is my video taking so long to upload to Stringr?

 This is usually not an issue with the Stringr app, but with your smartphone’s storage space – do you have enough gigabytes available to allow Stringr to function properly? This crash usually occurs when there is no free space left to store the compressed video.

String on, Stringrs!

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