How-To: Shoot With Basic Light

Check out this fantastic video guide to shooting using basic light by our in-house video producer James!


At Stringr, we encourage you to shoot with whatever camera you have on you whether it be a DSLR or a smartphone.  No matter the camera, it’s important to pay special attention to lighting, as it is key to being a successful videographer.

Here are some basic tips to capturing well-lit shots.

When you are shooting footage with natural light, such as the sun, it is important to know where the light source is coming from and how it is going to affect your shot.  You don’t want to shoot with your subject into the sun because the strong back light will over power your subject, under exposing it.  Also the direct rays will create solar flares in your shot, washing out color.

Since you cannot change the position of natural light sources you will need to figure out the best position for you and your camera. Try to find…

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