Who cares about the likes when you can get the funds?

We have a new tradition here on the Stringr Blog. We’re re-posting past blogs every Sunday to make sure you don’t miss out on advice. We’re kicking it off with a blog by our own curation team member, Giselle Rosas, about the advantage of apps like Stringr that pay users. Read on!


By Giselle Rosas

In a world where views, hearts and re-tweets are regarded as modern world’s strongest form of validation, it sometimes becomes difficult to determine what is really worth our time, input and dedication. Sure, the concept of striving for fame and attention has existed for long, but never to the mass extent it does now. Even the reserved and confined can be easily enthralled with the idea of publicizing from the comfort of their homes- the reason being that it’s just too easy. All it really takes is a couple of clicks and an Internet connection. The film Birdman encompassed this idea pretty well, when the daughter of a forgotten Broadway actor describes modern fame: “I mean, who are you? You hate bloggers. You make fun of Twitter. You don’t even have a Facebook page. You’re the one who doesn’t exist.” Social media is power, she finally says…

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