How-To: Shot Variety

One of the best ways to be a successful stringr is to capture a variety of shots. This will help you shoot a sequence that will tie together nicely.

But capturing a sequence isn’t always necessary. Shooting a variety of wide, medium and close shots, gives editors more to work with.

No matter what the request is, begin by working around the location. If you are close to the subject, work your way backwards. If you are far, work your way forward. To begin, record a variety of shots moving in one direction.

Once you have several wide shots, take a few steps forwards and repeat that process, shooting several medium shots while moving in the other direction.

After shooting at least three different shots in each phase, step closer and do another pass capturing close shots.

Finally, after gathering a number of different wide, medium and close shots, capture other b-roll shots that can accompany or enhance the other shots.  These shots let editors fill in any blank spots or jumps they may want to do during the story.

Gathering these shots may seem tedious, but its what customers want to see and allows them to take advantage of every shot possible.

Having a variety of different shots is important, but don’t forget to keep your shots steady.

So before pressing record, think about your shots and the best way to capture them!

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  1. Stringr · October 12, 2015

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    Shot variety is essential for making your video stand out to customers on our platform. Learn the tricks of the trade in this video tutorial by our video producer James.


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