How-To: Prepare to Shoot

To be a successful Stringr, You have to be prepared. Whether you are shooting breaking news or b-roll, planning your shoot before hand will make you more efficient on location and improve the quality of your shots.

First thing is to go through your gear. Make sure your batteries are charged. Make it a habit!  Making sure your batteries are charged or at least having extra chargers avoids any breaks in filming.

Next, make sure your memory cards are formatted or that you have free space to capture the entire scene.

When it comes to your lenses, make sure you have a clean lens. Use the proper lens wipe or cleaner to remove smudges. A clean lens improves the quality of the shots.

Don’t pack just yet, do a final check to make sure everything is working.

Now on to packing. Try to pack in order of accessibility.  Have your camera, extra batteries, memory cards and lenses ready.  Always have your tripod plate attached to your camera.

Next, think about the scene and what type of shots you want to get to cover it best.  Write or draw the shots out. It helps to do a little research on the event and location if possible. This helps plan out the best angles for the best shots and lighting.

Finally know the type of event , this lets you know if it is better to use a tripod or shoot hand held.

Once you are on location, quickly access the scene to see if your premeditated plan works or if you need to make changes. Remember to always have a backup plan just in case.

So before you film your next request, take some time to think about how you want to execute the shoot.

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