Essential Gear: Types of Tripods

Having a steady shot is one of the most important factors for a quality video.  At Stringr, we give tips on a number of ways to stabilize your camera. The most convenient and easiest method is a tripod.

They are many tripods on the markets. The right one depends on the type of shot you wish to capture.

Most popular is the fluid head tripod. The fluid resistance gets you that silky smooth movement in pans and tilts. They are incredibly sturdy and have multi-piped legs for weight distribution and shake reduction. They tend to be pricey but the pro is they dramatically increase the quality of footage.

Photography tripods are lighter and have a ball head. The head can be set at different angles.  These ball heads are not built to move smoothly, which limits shooting video.  Photo tripods typically have single piped legs, which cause shake when adjusting the head.  Their lighter weight and limited functions make photo tripods much cheaper.

For point and shoot cameras or smart phones, there are several mini tripods you can use.  One of the most popular tripods to use is the Joby gorilla pod. This tripod has flex ball joints, allowing it to be set up in a number of ways.

They are lightweight, sturdy and have the ability to flex around objects such as poles. There is a larger version for DSLR’s. It gets shots that a regular tripod can’t.
The smaller tripods do not have a fluid head but they still stabilize your footage.

So whether you shooting stills or video, using a support system is very important for those clear and precise quality shots.

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