Essential Gear: Lenses

Shooting on the go news can be tricky. To get that money shot you need a camera with an interchangeable lens. Having a variety of lenses prepares you for any type of scenario.

The ability to zoom in or out is essential to capturing details both small and large.

A great lens to have is a 70mm-300mm. This size is perfect for capturing wide and tight shots from a distance. Don’t forget to use a tripod or stabilization, it is necessary to reduce shake.

Another key lens is the 17mm- 24mm. This wide lens allows you to get super close to subjects and also capture them entirely. You can zoom in while the shot still remains fairly wide. A wider lens also lets you shoot footage in areas with less light.

A great feature to look for when buying lenses is Image stabilization. The IS dramatically reduces shake when shooting handheld. It all depends on what you are shooting. The IS is optional.

Shooting with a smartphone? There are several options to choose from.

The most versatile lenses are lens attachment clips by Gizmon and Olloclip. These systems have a variety of clips that offer different lenses like, a 180 degree fish-eye, 10x magnification and a wide lens, which doubles as a phones focal length.

Another great option is The mophie outride. It offers a wide lens and has a built-in case, which provides extra support and comfort.

Choosing a great lens is all about personal preference. No matter what camera you shoot with, just remember to capture a variety of quality shots.


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