Smartphone Camera Comparison: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Vs. Apple iPhone 6 Plus

Here at Stringr, we receive a lot of footage from both iPhone and Android users. We often get asked which smartphone is better for shooting video.  While we won’t tell you what phone to buy, we will show you which phone captures better video.  In this test, we have a side-by-side camera comparison between the Iphone6+ and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.  Here is a breakdown of each phones camera specs.

The iPhone 6+ has a 8MP camera and shoots 1080p video at 30 or 60fps. It has an aperture of f2.2 with a focal length equal to 29mm. The camera can also shoot slow motion at 240fps at 720p.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has a 16MP camera and shoots 4K video at 30fps. It has an aperture of f1.9 with a focal length equal to 28mm. The camera also shoots slow motion at 120fps at 720p.

When it comes to color and white balance, the iPhone has better white balance but seems reduce color where as the Edge enhances color.

With its larger aperture of f1.9, the Galaxy S6 is able to record better in low light situations, although the iPhone is not too far off

A great feature on the Galaxy S6 is the ability to change a variety of camera settings like the Picture Size, ISO, and White balance. Where on the iPhone you cannot control these.

When shooting slow motion video, the iPhone is slightly superior as it shoots double the frames the Galaxy does, creating smoothing and cleaner footage.

All in all, both of these smartphones record fantastic HD video.  Although the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge shoots 4k, the quality of the footage goes out the window if it is shot poorly. No matter what smartphone you are shooting with, make sure to shoot smooth horizontal footage.

*Note* All 4K footage was brought down to 1080p

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