How-To: Shoot a Protest

Shooting a crowded scene like a protest, it is important to have a plan.  Like most situations, thinking about how to capture the scene before hand is crucial to knowing where to be and when.

At Stringr, we want you to be safe, so use these tips to capture the best shots while staying out of the way.

Whether you are shooting a rally, a march or a protest you will want to visit the location before hand to get an understanding of the area as well as possible shooting positions and exit routes.

Also do some research on the event to get a grasp of its understand it better.

Knowing where the crowd is going to focus or move can help you get a better position before anything happens. Knowing if the protest will be peaceful or rowdy is also helpful.

The best way to cover a protest is by capturing a variety of different shots that show the scale and intensity.  Using establishing and wide shots not only shows the location of the event but how many people are involved.

Another way to capture scale is by getting above the scene and recording from every side. Using medium and close up shots of participants, location markers and signage is a great way to portray what they are standing up for.

Depending on the scene, don’t be afraid to get into the crowd to make viewers a part of the event.

While capturing strong visuals is most important, recording audio is also key to getting the best coverage, so plug in your microphone or make sure to record separate sound bits.

Possibly one of the better ways to capture the protest is by recording interviews. Find a willing participant, get them to a quieter area and ask them open-ended questions about the cause and
what they want.why they are participating.

Do not forget about your shot composition. The scene may be hectic, but your shots should be steady and thoughtful.  Use a
tripod when you can or hold your camera as still as possible.

And finally, stay safe and follow these tips before shooting your next event to sell more footage on Stringr.

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