How-To: Shoot Motion

Video is great because it captures the motion of the world around us.  However, when shooting, you don’t necessarily need to follow the motion to capture it best.  In a lot of scenarios, keeping the camera still is the best way to record what is going on.  Before pressing record, think about the subject matter and how it is moving.  Understanding your scene can help you plan your shots ahead of time, making you more efficient on scene.

When shooting a scene or an event, think about how it is moving within your frame.  If there is a lot of different motion, like people walking in a crowd, set your camera up to capture everyone moving instead of following a single person.  If there are less people try to capture where they are moving by having them move across the frame.

Using wide or medium shots is the best for capturing motion because you can show where everything starts and ends.  You want to avoid panning back and forth, which creates shaky and often ugly footage.

Instead of panning around the scene to capture everything that is occurring, shoot a variety of different shots from different angles. When shooting complicated scenes, simply keeping the camera still is the best way to capturing the movement.

When shooting, don’t be afraid to move the camera position to capture the best shots. Instead of zooming, move the camera closer to the subject to get clearer shots. If there is a lot of motion to one side, move to that side to avoid having to pan.

If you want to track a certain subject, make sure to keep the camera steady and not cut the subject off by having lead room in the frame.

By using a variety of different shots, you automatically increase the quality of your footage.  So remember to keep your shots steady and not cover the entire scene in one sweeping clip.

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    Here’s a helpful video blog from our video producer James on how-to shoot motion (we could all use a reminder once in a while).


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