How-To: Shoot Weather

When shooting weather requests, it is important to capture how the weather is impacting the people and the local area. The best weather footage includes a variety of quality shots, showing the weather, the area and people being affected by it. Footage of rain clouds alone is boring. Footage of people caught in a downpour is exciting. Follow these simple tips to capturing better weather footage.

The first thing you need to think about when responding to a weather request is your location. Depending on the request, your best choice would be to find an area with people, like a city street or the town center.

Next, being shooting a variety of shots. For example, shoot dark rain clouds, rain falling in puddles, wind blowing trees and people trying to stay dry. If possible shoot with a tripod or try to capture smooth horizontal hand held shots.

When responding to a large storm be sure to capture footage of the storm before, during and after. Shooting trees or other objects blowing in the wind is a great way to portray the strength of the storm. Also capturing how the storm has damaged or affected an area is the best way to show how severe the storm was.

Try to avoid shooting through the windshield of a car while driving. We want you to be safe when shooting, so pull over and shoot through an open window. This will allow you to capture smoother and clearer footage, which is more desirable to customers.

Remember no matter what you are shooting, make sure to hold your camera steady and shoot smooth shots. Anyone can shoot footage of the weather, so use these tips to make your clips stand out.

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