Video sequence: a better way to tell the story

As Stringr continues to grow -we are currently in nine cities across the U.S.- , we want you to grow as a videographer. After all, the better your craft, the higher the chances of your video being sold to one of our many customers.

One of the most important things you need to remember about the news business is that time is everything. When you are trying to sell video to news broadcasters, they need to rapidly assert if it is worth their time. This is where video sequence comes in handy. It’s the way you’re telling the story, even when providing only raw footage.

Think of video sequence as the narrative that tells your story. You don’t tell a story by saying “I woke up at 7 a.m., got up with the right foot first, then the left; put on my slippers, yawned one time, scratched my right cheek, then scratched my eyes, then walked 25 steps to the bathroom, where I took my red toothbrush….”. You would say: “I got up this morning and brushed my teeth”. You can include more details, like tripping on a small carpet, the color of your pajamas, but you go directly to the action, adding details for more depth.

“If your video is boring, your viewer is gone”, says Drew Keller, owner of StoryGuide, on the video below. 

Here, television producer and video journalist Michael Rosenblum of New York Visual Schoolrecommends to use to go immediately to the most interesting place.

You can start working on your video sequence before you start filming by mentally preparing the images that you will upload. Remember to always make sure to include wide, medium and tight shots of the scene and play around with any other shots that could add depth to the story you’re telling.

Always remember that practice is the best way to improve your video. Happy shooting!

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