Tips on event coverage

By Nilda Melissa Diaz

We have finally sprung forward! With the longer days comes the warmer-but-not-hot days and with them the many parades, festivals, carnivals and massive events that get us out of the house, exploring our cities.

At Stringr, we try to stay on top of the local events. It helps our customers with their local coverage and our Stringrs get the chance to show off their work on a local or national platform. Stringr is the place where professionals and amateurs alike can provide quality footage. But for those who are new to videography, the Stringr team is here with some tips for how to be better prepared when covering cover a big event, whether it be a festival, or breaking news.

Fully charge your equipment

Let’s be honest, chances are your phone is always charging, but maybe you want to try your camera for even better image quality. Be sure that every piece of equipment you bring is fully charged before you even leave the house. Make sure to bring a spare battery. Check out CNET’s Juice Packs to Consider for a dozen of battery packs options that will best suit your needs (need a lantern? maybe a wifi hotspot?) and phone, be it Android or iPhone.

Get there early

You know the saying, the early bird gets the worm. Early arrival will help you set up in a better location without the hassle of the crowds. This is also helpful when you’re trying to change location ensuring that you will get the best shot. It is just easier to move once you’re in the front, than trying to make your way from the back. It’ll also help you scope out the area, even talk to the organizers and volunteers to figure out which position will allow you to great shots.

Plan ahead

At Stringr, our customers provide you with what they want but remember, you are the one that’s on the ground. Maybe this is your hometown or you have been living there for sometime. Use this inside knowledge to film the best footage possible: a traditional float, a particularly good band, whether the best parts come at the end or in the middle. Also, don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes, bring water and stay hydrated, and have an emergency exit strategy.

Always carry an ID

Stringr will always put out requests to events that are open to the public or at least events that will have an interesting dynamic outside their locations, like Comic Cons. These events take place in a public area, therefore you can film. But,always play it safe and follow law enforcement instructions. If they ask you to stop filming, just put your equipment away. Some areas might barricade and access is not allowed without a press pass. If you’re looking into requesting a press pass, revisit our blog on How to be a great freelancer for tips to that end.

Use a variety of shots

Wide shots are fantastic at setting the scene and telling our customers what is they’re about to see, but tighter shots, be it mediums, close ups and so on, tell the story. Be sure to film to between two to five minutes.

Don’t forget about the sound

Image and sound are equally important when it comes to selling a video. Just like we want to see the amazing floats your community has spent a great amount of time working on, we want to hear that band that has been practicing for months, or that chant the local school has made famous.

Here’s to a season of fun -and footage!- in the sun.

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