Three Ways to Market your Video

By Nilda Melissa Diaz,

Stringr continues to expand and grow across the nation. Just last week, we were at the NAB Show in Las Vegas, showcasing the great work our Stringrs have provided to local and national stations. And if you keep up with our Video Pick of the Week on Facebook, you can check out great examples of work by our Stringr videographers.

One of the advantages of Stringr is that it also works as an archive meaning our customers can buy it now, or search for it in a week or months down the road. Every clip has the chance to be sold multiple times!

Here are four simple steps to follow to increase your chances of sales:

  1. Use only one title for a video set

There’s no need for multiple titles on related videos. Whether you’ve answered a request regarding an event, accident or protest, use a main title for all your videos and then group clips. To learn how, check a video on our home page “How to create a set or sequence.” Let’s say you answered a request for Earth Day, you can just name all your videos Earth Day Dallas. This might seem too general to you, but it helps our customers see everything that’s available regarding that event. And you use tags to add more depth to the search, which is why…

  1. There’s no such thing as too many tags

So you’ve got this great video, either because it was requested or you saw an opportunity to film a newsworthy event, a beautiful landscape, an interesting event. Rest assured that our curation managers will promote that video to our national and local customers. But, our customers also have access to our database and, while might not sell right away, it could happen down the road. This is where tags come in handy. Let’s say you filmed the Boston Marathon. Your main tag could be: Boston Marathon 2015; but you can also include Boston, boston, marathon, run. Adding a simple comma and playing around with the words you already used opens up the chances of selling your video. But if you have details that need to be written in a sentence…

  1. Make your Titles Short Yet Descriptive

Titles are the first thing our customers see (other than the clip thumbnail). This means your titles should clearly describe what’s captured in your footage. Use full words (no abbreviations), and steer clear from slang. Good examples include Houston: Rain and Wind. Not so good: It’s rainy in Houston. You get the idea!

  1. Create a detailed description

At times, you would only have to say video of Boston Marathon, but with other videos you can include more information. Add any details that could boost your video’s chances of being sold: if you filmed an important runner, if you have a great of fans in costumes, interesting signs, a beautiful sentimental moment, be sure to describe them on the description box. It does not have to be a work of literature, just be clear and concise. Again, no slang, shortened words, or hashtags!

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