Professional Starter Kit

By Asabe Vincent-Otiono

So you have been shooting from your smartphone. You’ve sold a couple of videos, learnt amazing techniques from our Youtube. And, now you feel you are ready to enter the big leagues, Stringr Pro. (These are a category of Stringrs who own professional equipment and have a higher skill set.) There is so much equipment to choose and accessories to choose. What to do? Before you start hyperventilating, Stringr has got you covered.


They range from the price of an android phone to your mortgage payment or even more, but every smart videographer knows to invest in lenses and peripherals. These go a long way.

But if you are looking to upgrade your camera… Start with a DSLR, they are cheaper than professional cameras, they have good zooming capability and have great low light performance. My favorite…the Canon t5i. Many prefer Canons but Sony, Panasonic and Nikon have great DSLRS too. Shopping for a camera is like shopping for a good pair of shoes, they all have the same basic features but the bells and whistles you pick come down to your personal preference.


What’s a video without sound? A moving picture! Great audio is a key element in video. And while microphones can be pricey, they are great investment. Still, you might say… Some cameras come with built in audio but believe me, it is always best to have external audio. This plus a DSLR can compete with the higher end cameras. Here are a few of my recs:

Tascam DR-60D to Camera Essentials Kit

Rode VideoMic Pro Compact Shotgun Microphone

Rode VXLR – Mono Mini-Jack to XLR Converter

Once you get this great equipment, pick up some tips on how to use it on Stringr and check out this video.


Just Say No… to shaky shots. People please, get a tripod. These range in prices but you get what you pay for. Our in-house video producer James shoots with a Manfrotto MVH500AH Fluid Head & 755XB Tripod. Looking at his footage, you know it’s worth the money. You can even find ones that stabilize your iPhone… check out this blog to see which ones Stringr recommends.

Don’t forget the miscellaneous accessories such as extra batteries and memory cards. You can never have to many of those in the field. So go check out your resident camera store and get your gear.

Who knows, you just might be on your way to win a Dupont.

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