MOOC to improve your video skills

By Nilda Melissa Diaz

When you know better, you do better, that’s what Maya Angelou said to Oprah Winfrey’s Lifeclass. And thanks to massive open online courses (MOOCs) is easier to learn how to do almost anything, even how to shoot great video.

Here are 4 MOOCs we like, here at Stringr.

New York Video School

This school offers tutorials on anything videos, from the very basics to more advanced subjects, such as storytelling and production. Pay special attention to their tutorials targeted to iPhones. In them, you can learn not only how to better use your phone for video, but also basic video composition, lighting and audio.

Poynter’s News University

Poynter is a trusted source for journalists around the world. They created NewsU, an online tool for journalists to expand their skills and keep up with intersection of news and  technology. Their courses, which range from free to $500, are tailored from people who have had no video experience to professionals. Their course, Video Fundamentals for Journalists, is constantly offered and teaches the basics of video shooting.


Lynda has been online for two decades and currently provides almost 500 courses on video alone. If Stringris your first professional experience, you might want to learn more about the foundations of video, terminology, lights, even how to use a microphone. Lynda provides all of these courses separately or together. If you shoot your videos on iPhone, take advantage of their tutorial Shooting with an iPhone 5S.


The name says it all. Skillshare is a platform for professionals and experts of various subjects to share the skill they have learned at their job. Under film, you’ll find a variety of lessons that can help you better understand video and storytelling basics. “How do you camera?” will teach you about the very basics of video.

There are many other MOOCs where you could learn more about video. Some of them, like Poynter, even offer certifications you could include in your resume. These ready made lessons combined with the Stringr experience will certainly take your video to the next level.

Nilda Melissa is the weekend curation manager for Stringr. Previously, Nilda worked for the Washington Post as news aide for Sports and the Universal Desk, prior to obtaining her graduate degree from the Columbia Journalism School. A member of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists, Nilda Melissa is from Puerto Rico.

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