How-To: Get Better Audio

It may be a little counter-intuitive, but great video consists of two components, visuals AND audio. Having great audio to accompany your footage can dramatically increase the overall quality of your videos—and increase the likelihood of them getting sold. Here at Stringr we want you to grow. And whether you are shooting with a `high-end camera or your smartphone, there are several ways to increase the quality of the audio being recorded.

Be aware of your setting and think about background noises such as loud music, radios or building fans that could disturb your audio and take away from your clips.

When recording, make sure that the microphone is pointing towards the source of the sound or the subject to avoid other random noises.

Also, the closer you can get, the better chances you have of capturing every piece of important sound.

Try to avoid coughing or making other personal noises when near the microphone.

A clip is more appealing to customers when it has beautiful visuals and clear audio that enhances the shots. Being able to use the raw audio tends to be more powerful than having to replace disturbed audio with a voice over or another sound bit.

If you really want to increase the quality of your audio, you can buy an external microphone for your camera, like the Rode Videomic. ( You can also buy a separate recording device, like the Zoom H5 Handy Recorder ( Both of these products come highly regarded as go-to purchases for on the go video journalists.

There are even several microphones and apps made for smartphones that will drastically improve the quality of a smart phones audio recording.

Check these out!

*Microphones for smartphones

The Rode Ixy –

Belkin LiveAction –…

Blue Mikey –


-Rode Record

-Voice Recorder HD

– ITalk Recorder

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