Attachments for a Better Video

by Nilda Melissa Diaz

Smartphones have simplified our lives in many ways.  Here at Stringr, it helps our stringrs share the high quality footage that our customers are looking for. We’ve seen amazing videos – and you can enjoy some of them every Monday on our Video Pick of the Week selection.

The use of smartphones have also made its Hollywood debut. One of this year Sundance’s FIlm Festival most talked about movies is Tangerine. The movie was recorded in its entirety on a iPhone.

Though, Tangerine is not the only movie ‘filmed’ entirely using a smartphone. This year the iPhone Film Festival celebrates its fifth year.

While Tangerine was filmed using different prototypes from  Moondog Labs, there are a variety of available attachments for your device, be it iPhone or Android, that could improve the quality of your video.

Here are a few examples -all under a $150! – that could help get your video its own spotlight.

The Spin Pod 

The name speaks for itself. The Spin Pod is a small, circular pod to which your device is attached allowing it to turn, spin and pan. The small opening on which you attach your device provides a steady grip and allows you to attach lenses, lights, a mic for even better quality. It is small, about the height of a quarter and only a couple of inches. It works iPhone, Android and GoPro. It even allows to be mounted on a tripod

The SpinPod is available for $59.99. You can also get the SpinPod TimeLapse Kit for $69.95.


Have you ever wanted to hold your smartphone from both ends without worry about it slipping, blocking the mic or the camera? Well, the iOgrapher allows you to do just that. It basically works as a camera rig, like those used in films.  With handles on both sizes, you just attach the phone in the middle and use any 37mm lens. A mic can also be added. The iOgrapher allows for movie-like shots by providing stability with its design.

The iOgrapher is available for iPhone 5, 5S for $49.95

iPhone Video Rig 

The iPhone Video rig is more like a movie crew on your pocket, as its creators called it. It’s unibody is made out of aluminum and it’s very similar to a high end phone cover. Once on, it will make your phone look more like slim DSLR camera, with a big lens. The material also allows for more secure, steady grip. But just in case, it also includes four tripods sockets. At $130, iPhone Video Rig is the most expensive item of this list, but it also includes more accessories so you get more bang for your buck. It includes a VeriCorder Mic, a macro lens, a wide lens. It also accommodates third-party lenses.

Remember to check out expert and customer reviews before making any purchases. There is a great variety of technologies and prices which means that an expensive gadget might not necessarily work best with your device. But, above all, remember to practice the trade to give your videos an edge above the rest, while here at Stringr we’ll take your video to next level.

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